General - At our rentals we are committed to the idea that all our guests should act in a manner that is respectful of our neighbors. Guests that do not act in a manner respectful of others or that do not follow the simple rules below will be asked to leave with no refund. The management sincerely regrets that we have to establish specific rules for the conduct of our guests.


Smoking - No smoking in the room or on the porch or tables outside of Home. Smoking is only allowed on the ground area and Dock. You will be charged for the sanitizing of your room and you will be asked to leave.


Parking – Please park in driveway. Boat trailers can be parked at the waters edge and this will give you plenty of parking area in the driveway.


Personal Watercraft – Please check with us on this before your rental is confirmed.


Unregistered Guests – Renters may not have unregistered guests or friends on the premises during their stay. The number of total quests has to be confirmed when your deposit is made. Please let me know if there might be a special occasion where this rule might be waived.


Noise and Horseplay - All renters and guests are expected to act in a responsible manner during their stay at our home. We clearly wish you to enjoy your stay but please do not let your actions prohibit our neighbors from enjoying their lives.


Pets – No pets allowed.


Damage – Damage to the Conch Key Tree House or its contents will be deducted from your security deposit or credit card.


Cancellation Policy – Our policy is simple. If we are able to rent the home to another party, then we will refund your deposit less a $50 cancellation fee. If we are unable to rent your dates to another party, then you forfeit your deposit. In most cases we can find another renter if you give us enough notice. Please understand that we have to apply this policy to ALL circumstances (no exceptions) in order to avoid substantial losses. In the unlikely event that a hurricane interrupts your stay, your deposit will be reimbursed in full. The definition of interrupt is as follows: the Keys are under a hurricane watch or warning within three days of your arrival or any time during your stay, or our home is damaged by a storm prior to your arrival and we are unable to provide you with quality accommodations.


Agreement - I have read and understand the rules identified above. Additionally, I understand and accept the fact that the owners of Conch Key Vacations shall not be responsible to the renter and renter’s guest, family, or occupants for any damages, injuries, or losses to person or property caused by fire, flood, water leaks, hail, winds, explosion, smoke, interruption of utilities, theft, burglary, robbery, assault, vandalism, or other conditions outside the control of the owners of the properties listed above.


Occupancy - The maximum occupancy will be set before your stay. THIS APPLIES TO YOUR ENTIRE STAY. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS WILL BE MADE.

Having read this agreement, I agree that if necessary, my credit card will be charged for any cleanup or repairs. By placing a deposit for your rental, you agree to the rules above.